Psychological Support Platform

Volunteer counselors of our psychological support committee guide refugee children going through difficult processes in adapting to their new country and life, and shed light on some of the problems they may encounter.

Culture and Art Platform Exhibition

In Pigi, we exhibited the works of our children aged 9-11 with the theme of “words that are important to us turn into art”.

Youth Platform’s Guests

On Thursday, May 19, Metis Montessori Lyceum school operating in the Netherlands organized a trip to the 1st General Lyceum of Elleniko school in Athens as part of the Erasmus Plus project.

Iftar Dinner Organized by Culture and Art Platform – With Greek Friends

On Wednesday, April 27, we organized an iftar dinner for our Greek friends in our building. We hosted very valuable people such as Marianna Kakaounaki, the producer of the documentary Invisible, and Katerina Markou, the owner of the publishing house where the A life of service book was published.