We have taken  the endless power of solidarity behind us, we aim to support refugee children and adults in the fields of education and health, and beyond that, to contribute to their integration into Greek society within framework of EU values.

Pigi Koinsep (ΠΗΓΗ) is a non-profit organisation registered in Athens Greece, February 2020. Our organisation is recently registered however we have been active since 2018 as a voluntary initiative.

Our community, which was founded with the solidarity of a few people who have survived a difficult time to get rid of the suffocating situation in Turkey, operates in many fields from education to health.

 The language courses we continue to help people in our community learn the local language and adapt to the social environment, the lessons we give to children who have difficulties in their school lessons in the fields of mathematics and science, The support we give to local municipalities voluntarily in disasters such as fire, the food aid program we carry out together with churches for the homeless are just a few of them.

We continue to plan many projects that we will carry out with our volunteers for the society we live in.


We implemented a lesson program with the children to help them get through the transition period easily. In this program, our consultants made them repeat the previous year’s topics. In addition, various music and art activities were carried out for children in the summer school program. Our expert psychologist provided psychological support to children and adults who went through a difficult period in Turkey. In addition, pedagogical support was provided to children in the therapy room we prepared for them.


As it is known, there are thousands of people living and deprived of the most basic needs in Athens. We have been helping dozens of homeless people in the food aid campaign we run in partnership with churches to help them.


Especially those who fled from persecution suffering pre-migration trauma and mental health problems, particularly post-traumatic stress disorders (PTSD) and depression.


Another aim of our association is to provide clean and suitable clothes to refugee children and adults. For this purpose, our volunteers reach many needy refugees.
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